Plum Grove Studio is the artwork and creations of me, Kristin Johnson. Hello! Lovely to meet you and thank you for visiting my website. I’m an American artist living in California, a Jewish mom, and a gardener. I love drinking coffee, making art with my trusty art cat by my side, chasing after my children, and taking relaxing baths.

Contact Me

I love hearing from you! Do you have ideas for something you are hoping to see created? You can message me on the Plum Grove Studio Facebook Page, or you can email me at [email protected].


With a passion for art from a young age, I was lucky to have teachers who encouraged me to try new things. I developed a strong interest in painting during high school when I particularly enjoyed painting backdrops and scene props for the school theater productions as a member of the Art Club.

In college I majored in Multimedia Design, earning a BFA degree from the Robert D. Clark Honors College within the University of Oregon. I particularly enjoyed dabbling in other mediums such as weaving, metalworking, and letterpress typography. During college I was fortunate to be selected to join a month-long watercolor intensive program in Siena, Italy under the guidance of Satoko Motouji, an expert Japanese watercolor artist. This transformative program of painting for 6+ hours a day in the beautiful area of Tuscany significantly impacted my art process and technique.

Art Production

My focus right now in my art studio is on creating special and unique fabric patterns, particularly Jewish holiday patterns for the home, and botanical patterns highlighting vegetables, fruits, and other plants.

Special and custom items, such as a family tree watercolor paintings, or other unique artwork gives me great pride and satisfaction in crafting something one-of-a-kind on commission that the recipient can treasure. I accept up to two bespoke commission orders per month, so please contact me to learn more!

I have a deep love of the art nouveau style, invented by the incredibly talented Alphonse Mucha. I enjoy taking a playful or modern approach on the themes that I explore that incorporate elements of the art nouveau style.

Personal Life

I am a mother to two wonderful daughters, and lucky to have a thoughtful, supportive spouse. I love to garden and my whole yard is covered in edible landscaping, plus we have three quirky egg-laying chickens named Mildred, Pearl, and Onyx.

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