Hamsa Watercolors

This series of Hamsa artwork can each be customized with the different blessings (or different text entirely) – just send me a message and I am happy to customize it for you.

Nested Hamsa Home Blessing

Beautiful nested Hamsa watercolor with doves, fish, and pomegranates. The home blessing in English, Hebrew, and transliterated is inside the inner hamsa shape.

Tree of Life Jerusalem Baby Blessing

I can customize this design with the boy baby blessing or the girl baby blessing, and personalize it for you with the baby’s name in English and Hebrew.

Swirl of Branches Hamsa

Pomegranate and olive branches twine around this hamsa silhouette with the home blessing.

Baby Blessing Nested Hamsa

I can personalize this special nested hamsa watercolor with the baby’s English and Hebrew name.